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DeMattia Test Stand 32

Dynamic test system for determination of flex and crack growth properties of rubber.


Coesfeld Tear Analyser (Hydraulic)

The hydraulic Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 1x10 elastomers with the system BAYER.


Coesfeld Tear Analyser (Electro)

The electromotoric Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 2x5 elastomer specimen with the system BAYER.


Coesfeld Tear Analyser (Fitting)

The Tear Analyser can be fitted to on any dynamic measuring test stand for 1x1 elastomer speciment.


Biaxial Test stand

The biaxial test stand measures fatigue and crack propagation via four syncronised electromotoric direct drives.

force and travel

Fatigue Tester (force and travel)

The test stand allows to measure force as well as travel controlled long time loading for fatigue to failure measurements via one or more electro drives.

Fatigue Tester

Fatigue Tester (travel)

Test stand for dynamic long time loading with tensile, pressure, bending and shearing under influence of temperature.