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1. Liquid Chromatography

1.1 HPLC-Columns

Carbohydrate CA++ - HPLC Columns
HPLC Columns Chiral AM
HPLC Columns Chiral OM
HPLC Columns MultoHigh
HPLC Columns MultoHigh-U
HPLC Columns Organic Acid
HPLC-Normal Phase Columns. General information
HPLC-Phases- all Multo-Typs from CS
HPLC-Reversed Phase Columns. General information
MultoHigh Phenyl

1.4 Accessories

Connecting options for analytical HPLC Columns
Flowmeter HPLC
Guard Column Holder for 1 cm Guard Columns
Guard Column Holder for HPLC Guard Columns
HPLC Columns MultoHigh-U
HPLC Column Thermostat
Inline Manometer HPLC

2. Gas Chromatography

2.2 Liner

Liner - Cleaning and Deactivation. Order Form

2.3 Columns

FS Capillary Column CS-624
FS Capillary Column INNOPEG-2000
FS Supreme-5ms Capillary Columns
FS-CYCLODEX Capillary Columns
USP-Codes for GC Phases/h5>

2.4 Accessories

7000 GC Flowmeter
Digital Manometer GC
Gas Electronic Leak Detector LD239
GC pre-column
SGT - Gas Filters (Base Plate)
SGT - Gas Filters (Big Trap)
SGT - Gas Filters (Click-On)

3. Vials & Caps

3.2 Crimper & Decapper

Mechanical Crimper and Decapper / Installation
Pneumatic Crimper and Decapper / Installation
Setup Instructions for manual Crimpers

4. Sampling & Sample Preparation

4.2 Polyurenthane Foam Filter (PUF)

PU Foam for Gas Sampling

5. Liquid Handling, Fluidics, Syringes

5.1 Syringes, Microlab

Glass Pipette & PEEK Tubing Connectors
Syringes Catalog
Syringes-Care & User

5.2 Valves

Booklet IDEX-/Upchurch. All about fittings